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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Custom Nature Deity for #dndnext Clerics

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a character that direly needs to be a nature-themed Cleric for story reasons, and that I arranged as a Warden Paladin. I was quite happy with it, but then I realized I should have made him at least moderately charismatic, while the character was actually famous for being very lacking in the Charisma department.

So looking at the Warden Paladin package I realized something quite straightforward: isn't it a very similar set of features compared to the Cleric's Deity?

So the process of creating a new Deity was half-way done: I just needed to move the Warden elements and replace those of another Deity. I chose The Trickster as a base because it's the one that fitted the concept of the character the most, by having Cantrips and Spells borrowed from outside the Cleric spell-list, two extra Skills (the character was quite skilled), and light armor (good since the character was dexterous).

So here we are. I know the name of the "Deity" is lousy, but well... Feel free to suggest me another one! :-D

The Wild

  Armor and Shield Proficiencies: You have
proficiency with light armor and medium armor
except scale mail, mithral shirt, and mithril scale.
  Cantrips: You know the shillelagh cantrip,
plus one cantrip of your choice from the cleric’s
cantrip list.
  Channel Divinity: You gain the Nature's Wrath
 and Lay on Hands options. If you are not
evil, you gain the Turn Undead option. If you are
evil, you gain the Rebuke Undead option.
  Disciple of Wilderness: You gain two of the
following skills of your choice: Handle Animal,
Recall Lore (Natural), or Administer First Aid.
You also gain proficiency with simple and martial
ranged weapons.
  Domain Spells: You always have the following
spells prepared, provided you are able to cast
cleric spells of the given level. They do not count
against the number of spells you can prepare each
  Level   Domain Spell 
  1           entangle
  2           barkskin
  3           protection from energy
  4           stoneskin
  5           wall of stone
  Suggested Equipment: Leather armor, quarterstaff,
 longbow, 50 arrows, holy symbol, flask of holy water,
adventurer’s kit, belt pouch containing 14 gp and 8 sp.

As you can see, I chose the shillelagh spell for flavor reasons, but there were other good guesses as well (s (I was tempted by druidcraft but it was too flashy for the character).

The Domain Spells and Channel Divinity are straight out of the Warden Oath Paladin, but again, one could replace at least Lay on Hands (which was ok since the character is primarily a healer), with something else such as Divine Shelter or Spiritual Vestments.

The exceptions in armor with addition of some medium ones is balanced by the fact I removed proficiency in martial finesse weapons too, and is of course for flavor reasons, but it can be overridden easily.

Drop a comment or two if you use this in play, but I guess there's not much to say about it, just words of praise for D&D Next current linearity of design which allows "home-brew material" such as this to be perfectly in line and balanced with what we have!