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Friday, March 29, 2013

Custom Hellknight Oath for #dndnext Paladin

Yes, I'm homebrewing a lot of stuff lately as you can see, but no I'm still not making up things, just using the existing material rearranged to my convenience.

Fun fact about these latest two "custom" things, the Nature Deity and this Hellknight Oath, is that before recognizing the need of making them for two of the campaign characters, I had the Nature Cleric as a Warden Paladin, and the Hellknight Paladin as an Arcanist Cleric..! Yes.

What convinced me that I needed to invert the two is that I still wanted the Arcanist Cleric to have good armor (and that's why I used Mountain Dwarf mechanics for the otherwise nearly human character) and good Charisma, while I didn't want the other guy to be very combat focused, and I needed him to have low Charisma, making him ineffective as a Paladin.

It was one of those cases where you put small clothes to a large person and large clothes to a small one, and only later realize that instead of adapting them, it would be better to just swap them! :-D

So this Hellknight Oath Paladin is exactly what you think it is. Basically a variant Blackguard with Fire-based spells and features. I call it like this, but the case of my character is actually a bit different, since the "oath" was kind of forced onto him, not chosen. He's basically possessed by a devilish force, but to stay on topic with the Paladin Oaths, which state the "paladin type", I thought Hellknight was flavorful and accurate enough.

Without further ado, here's what I come with, explanations later.

Oath of the Hellknight 

More often extorted or bestowed rather than chosen,
the oath of the hellknight is literally a pact with a devil.
The doom of these knights is to serve as the heavy cavalry
of the legions of a hell prince in Baator, battling angels
and demons alike.
  Alignment: You must be lawful evil.
  Channel Divinity: You gain the Storm's Fury (dealing Fire
damage), Dreadful Aspect, and Rebuke Undead options.
[Rebuke Undead can be changed into Rebuke Devils.]
  Blackguard Spells: Add the following spells to
your spell list.
  Level   Domain Spell 
  1          flaming sphere (in the form of a fiery devil)
  2          hold person
  3          fireball
  4          wall of fire
  5          insect plague


So as you can see, this time I borrowed from the Blackguard (Dreadful Aspect) and the Storm Cleric (Storm's Fury), changing the elemental damage to Fire. The spell list was fine to build, and the detail of reflavoring the flaming sphere into a minor devil summoning is the icing on the cake, just as the Rebuke Devils option!

Feel free to use and comment!