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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Crunchy Bits: New, #Zendikar themed, Rogue and Barbarian #DnDNext Subclasses!

Yes, I got inspired again. Yes it's gonna be crunchy bits, this time!

Zendikar's under my spotlight again. A fellow Italian player wants to D&D-ize the setting using 3.5-PF rules (no surprise: no 4e or Next fans in Italy!), so he contacted me, having seen my previous work on the setting, which can now be found here:

Ravnica would also be an evergreen and although none of the two are the latest setting MtG has touched, seeing the latest setting only makes me want to think about the old ones and eventually what's coming next..! Seriously, a setting based on a B- movie (Clash of The Titans), certified B- by seriously awful metacritic scores. And it's even graphically inspired by it, completely. The artwork is even good to the eye, but when the brain connects to the eye... Oh my God(s)... </rant>

However, I decided to focus on Zendikar because its adventuring theme makes it effortless to come up with D&D material for it!

So here we are, trying to design some new stuff for Next, waiting for the crunchy bits to come from Wizards itself...

Rogue: The Forward Observer

A "class" that is very dear to me, since I based a character of one of my stories on it, is the so called "forward observer". So called by me, due to a Warlord power that made me think of the original card, actually a Merfolk Observer:

The idea is of course to make a Rogue scout specialized in observing meaningfully a target. And by meaningfully I mean of course spotting weak-spots and sensible information. It should be a "secondary leader", in 4e terms, meaning that the features of the class aim at supporting other party members.

So let's rock!

Forward Observer Features
Level      Feature
3              Observer Eye, Scouting Action
6              Scout's Reactions, Amphibious 
9              Master of Terrains
13            Mimetism
16            Commando

Observer Eye:
You can use your Action or Cunning Action to do one of these:

1- With a successful Intelligence check (and related skill), discover a piece of sensible information about a creature. Sensible information includes general level, resistances, health, and general status. A creature successfully targeted by this use of the feature is marked as Observed until the end of your next turn.
2- With a successful Wisdom check, make an Observed creature Vulnerable to the next attack coming from an ally of your choice with whom you can communicate.
3- With a successful Intelligence check, give you and your allies Resistance to the next attack coming from an Observed creature.
4- With a successful Wisdom check, give yourself or an ally Advantage on ability checks and attacks against am Observed creature for one turn.
5- With a successful Intelligence check, make one ally who can see you move his or her speed, giving an Observed creature you are hidden from Disadvantage on any check to spot the ally.

Any failed checks don't have any ill effects apart from wasting the action.
All these actions can also be combined with moving and hiding, although at half speed.

Scouting Action: 
When you use your Observer Eye feature with both your Action and Cunning Action in the same turn, you get a Bonus Action and a Bonus Reaction to use before the end of your next turn.

Scout's Reactions:
You can use your Reaction to make you or one ally who can hear you use the Dodge or Disengage action outside of your turn against an Observed target. You also have an extra Reaction per round, to be used only against Observed targets.

You can hold your breath four times the normal amount of time, you have a swim speed equal to your base speed, and you always have Advantage on checks made to move in water. In addition, when completely submerged in water you are always Heavily Obscured.

Master of Terrains:
You ignore ill effects on speed caused by difficult terrains.
In addition, you gain new uses for your Observer Eye feature:
6- With a successful Intelligence check, you can also make an ally who can hear you ignore difficult terrain.
7- With a successful Wisdom check, you can have Partial Cover in the area become Full Cover for you or an ally.
8- With a successful Intelligence check, you can have a Lightly Obscured area become Heavily Obscured for you or an ally, until the end of your next turn.
9- With a successful Wisdom check, you can make a lower part of the area grant Disadvantage to enemies' attacks or a higher part of the area grant Advantage to your and your allies' attacks, until the end of your next turn.

In an area where you have successfully used your Observer Eye feature with one of the Master of Terrain usages, when you hide you become Invisible until you attack, cast a spell or move more than half your speed. You also gain new uses for your Observer Eye feature:
10- With a successful Intelligence check, you make an ally benefit from this feature as well.
11- With a successful Dexterity check, you can prevent your next attack to break the invisibility, as long as the enemy is Observed and doesn't beat the Dexterity check with a Wisdom check.

Each of your allies gains the Sneak Attack class feature against an Observed enemy, as if they were Rogues of half your level.


Barbarian: The Nighthaze Runner

This is a stretch: I basically want to represent another character of mine using an unorthodox class. He was originally a Blackguard, but the class never quite got the feeling. I wanted an unstable character, one that entered some sort of trance to become more lethal and stealthy. 

So here's my try at a strange, mystical, deadly, shadowy Barbarian!

Nighthaze Runner Features
Level      Feature
3              Black Armor, Dark Trance
6              Nighthaze
10            Claws of Darkness
14            Shade Transformation

Black Armor:
You gain proficiency with heavy armors. You lose Thick Hide and are instead Vulnerable to Weapon damage when not wearing Heavy Armor. In addition, while you wear a specially crafted, black heavy armor, you can cast wrathful smite when you hit enemies you were hidden from. The spell level is equal to half your Barbarian level. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier. You regain the expended uses when the sun sets.

Dark Trance:
Your rage doesn't end early if you are Hidden from at least one enemy and you moved at least 30 feet during your turn. In addition, while Raging you can cast spells, and don't suffer any penalties for wearing a heavy armor. At the end of a Rage you become affected by a confusion spell.

You can cast darkness on yourself and you can see normally in magical and non-magical darkness. If the spell is active when your Rage ends, the spell effects and the dark-vision end and you can't use them again until you complete a short or long rest.

Claws of Darkness:
When attacking an enemy you are hidden from, you score a critical hit with a roll of 18-20.

Shade Transformation:
You count as Undead for the purpose of healing magic. You become immune to Necrotic damage and half of the damage you deal is Necrotic. You can hide even in Lightly Obscured areas, and you can use misty step at will to move from such an area to another in range. In addition, when you score a critical hit against a living creature, you gain temporary hit points equal to one of your Hit Dice plus your Charisma modifier, and the creature is Weakened until it uses an action to make a Constitution Save.