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Monday, August 12, 2013

#Ravnica Guildmages as new #dndnext Cleric Domains!

So the Cleric has gone through some major changes in the last packet, and my Ravnican guildmages got pretty much obsolete and needed a complete rework, the first part of which is here!

The biggest change was to Channel Divinity, now an encounter resource. I like the change quite a lot, but the balancing of the abilities you can activate through it must change. It's not anymore something more or less equivalent to a 1st to 2nd level spell, that scales with level. It must be a bit lower than that, and it must be something that every battle will see the use of without getting too easy because of it. At the same time, it is a one-shot per encounter, so it would be tricky to balance it out if I hadn't got any examples. Luckily, we all have the guidelines in front of our eyes, via the existing features!

Another change is a "fixed" feature you get even before the Channel Divinity (in one case I ignore this and tie it to the rapidly following Channel Divinity feature), and some bonus proficiencies, namely cantrips OR armor/weapons.

So without further ado, here they are, in the same order as before, which is just the order in which I made them and represents my familiarity and ease with the guild and its corresponding mechanics!


Bonus Proficiencies: Light Armor, Poisoner's Kit

Bonus Field of Lore: Natural Lore

When you are subject to numerical magical bonuses, such as bonus to attacks, damage, AC, or Resistance to damage, or when an ally within 25 feet of you benefits from any of those, you can transfer all or part of them to any other ally within 25 feet of you or to yourself, by spending your reaction.

When you are hit by a higher level creature or you miss a higher level creature, you can use your Channel Divinity to evolve your body to deal with the challenge. As an action, you can either add 1d4 to your AC or 1d4 to your attack rolls.
At 6th level, you also gain a movement mode of that creature, including the physical characteristics needed to use it, such as gills for water breathing when acquiring a swim speed from an aquatic animal, or wings to fly.
Both benefits last until you take a short rest.

Domain Spells: 
1: Feather Fall, Faerie Fire
2: Elemental Mantle, Spiderclimb
3: Fly, Haste
4: Polymorph, Dominate Beast
5: Awaken, Stoneskin

Suggested Background: Sage


Bonus Proficiencies: Light Armor, Finesse Weapons

Bonus Cantrip: Ray of Frost

After reducing a creature to 0 hit points, you become invisible until the start of your next turn.

You can use your Channel Divinity to change the casting time of a spell of 1st level or a cantrip to Swift, if you combine it with an attack using a finesse weapon. If the spell required an attack roll, you make only one attack roll for both weapon and spell. If you hit while hidden from the target, you don't expend your Channel Divinity for using this feature, and you can use it again.
At 6th level, you can change a spell of 2nd level or lower.
At 10th level, you can change a spell of 3rd level or lower.
At 14th level, you can change a spell of 4th level or lower.
At 18th level, you can change a spell of 5th level or lower.

Domain Spells:
1: Magic Missile, Disguise Self
2: Invisibility, Ray of Enfeeblement
3: Hold Person, Moonbeam
4: Evard's Black Tentacles, Arcane Eye
5: Dominate Person, Feeblemind

Suggested Background: Guild Thief


Bonus Cantrips: Chill Touch, Mage Armor

Bonus Lore: Cultural Lore (Agyrem)

When you positively change the attitude of a character while interacting with it, or when they are targets of any of your spells which don't deal damage or your Extort feature, they must succeed a Charisma saving throw or drop/give you 20% of their carried gold to you as an offer.

You can use your Channel Divinity to redistribute life force among unwilling targets. As an action, divide a number of hit points equal to your cleric level multiplied by 5 in any way you choose among 2 or more creatures that are within 25 feet of you, including yourself. Half of the hit points will be cured, half will be damage inflicted. You can use this ability while under the effects of Sanctuary without ending its effects.

Domain Spells:
1: Sanctuary, False Life
2: Ray of Enfeeblement, Speak With Dead
3: Animate Dead, Blink
4: Death Ward, Guardian of Faith
5: Scrying, Cloudkill

Suggested Background: Priest


Bonus Proficiencies: Light Armor

Bonus Cantrips: Shocking Grasp, Mending, Prestidigitation

When a creature that you can see makes an attack roll against you or a creature within 10 feet of you, you can use your reaction to shower the creature with sparks of elemental power.
The creature takes 1d4 damage of a random type:
1: Fire
2: Lightning
3: Thunder
4: Radiant
5: Cold
6: Choose one and roll another
At 3rd level the damage becomes 1d6
At 6th level the damage becomes 1d8
At 9th level the damage becomes 1d10
At 12th level the damage becomes 1d12

When casting a domain spell, you can expend your Channel Divinity to change it so that it has the range and area of effect of a Fireball spell.

Domain Spells:
1: Gust of Wind, Thunderwave
2: Color Spray, Sound Burst
3: Lightning Bolt, Sleet Storm
4: Heat Metal, Protection from Energy
5: Cone of Cold, Wall of Fire

Suggested Background: Artisan


Bonus Proficiencies: Medium Armor, Martial Weapons, Shields

Bonus Field of Lore: Subterranean Lore

You have a pool of Scavenge points equal to the sum of the results of the dice rolled for your Consume Essence ability.You can distribute these points as bonuses to AC or melee Damage rolls among you and any other willing creature, as long as any single bonus doesn't exceed your maximum spell level.
The process of expending these points to bestow the chosen bonuses lasts 1 minute per character, and the bonus itself lasts 1 hour.
The pool of Scavenge points is reset to 0 after you take a long rest.

You can use your Channel Divnity to recycle the life essence of a creature that just died. As a reaction to a creature's death, divide among any number of allies within 25 feet including you an amount of temporary hit points equal to twice your Cleric level plus a bonus die determined by the died creature size. A small creature is worth 1d4 bonus points, a medium one 1d6, a large one 1d8, a huge one 1d12. A creature can't receive more temporary hit points than half its total hit points through this feature.

Domain Spells:
1: Entangle, Cause Fear
2: Spike Growth, Melf's Acid Arrow
3: Stinking Cloud, Animate Dead
4: Blight, Plant Growth
5: Insect Plague, Plant Door

Suggested Background: Thug