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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I day in the life of Solanyt, my #dndnext #Simic and #Dimir character!

My dear DM Gonzalo asked a cool thing before starting the campaign. A write up of a typical day in the,life of our characters. Here I go with the first, which won't be the last...


"Dawns are always extra foggy around Zonots, and I always wake up at dawn, always in my Zonot. Screening for my krasis wings is mandatory each day, and within my "beloved" Crypsis clade, screenings and briefings are always scheduled for early morning. A stupid contraddiction since we work mostly at night, but then again the Simic are drowning in contraddictions, much more than they do under water.

The Crypsis clade's job is to "develop strategies for obscuring other guilds' views of the Simic. This includes literal camouflage as well as magic designed to hide knowledge or operations." - Actually no: it's mostly assassination, and since most of our krasis are easily spotted, tracked or even tamed, agents like me do most of the dirty work, followed by the camouflager mages.

I wake up even earlier than needed for my daily excercise routine with my katana and the aerial maneuvers. My katana is the standard issue one for most of us Crypsis agents. It's incredibly simple since it's serially produced (I should say "grown" actually), but it's quite sleek: it's made from a krasis-synthesized quasi-metal which provides a strangely solid grip even if it the surface is feature-less, and most importantly, it doesn't rust. Something of paramount importance, since half of the distance I cover everyday is underwater. 
Solanyt's krasis-synthesized katana: "Cygnebra"

So after my training and the trip to head-quarters to receive my screening and orders, I just eat and then quickly get some hours of trance again, if my second guild doesn't wake me up too early. 

Knowing I can usually communicate with animals during the day, they usually send me messages through beasts that don't look out of place in the zonot, such as small cloudfins or some anonymous krasis. When I answer back, I get to talk with much more noble beasts such as stryxes and nighthawks, or other birds of prey who can navigate the undercity, and the undercity near Simic zonots in particular, that which only me, some fellow Crypsis agents, and a few swimming and flying beasts can get through.
Simic undercity near Solanyt's Zonot

So my true life begins at dusk, when I realize how usually my Dimir and Simic missions are one and the same, and how much my bosses from both guilds are aware of this. 

I then read, both to prepare myself for the mission and to amuse myself with a daily doses of truth, something that my life sorely misses. I read random passages from only one book, my favorite: "Notes From The Undercity", wrote by an unknown Golgari hermit as a collection of brief thoughts on life and death. 

I firmly believe that wisdom can be achieved by meditating a lot upon just one thing, rather than a little upon many things. Another example of this is that I always listen to one and only (beautiful) symphony too before starting work, and I always find something new within it.

Work is usually one of two things: kill someone or something, or acquire information stealthily. Most of the time it is both things, since I have to complete two missions for two guilds; and when the kill is for the Dimir, the information is for the Simic, and vice versa.
Simic Crypsis clade-stem: Laykan Vigeamack, pondering the possibilities opened by Solanyt's jobs.

They always seem to be aware of each other's plans for me, and I find that amusing. 
In the mean time I slowly meditate on each case and just as I discover so many things from just one book and one symphony, I'm discovering very much from my monotonous job too. Both contractors find me invaluable right because of that, but they will never know what my soul discovers in addition to my mind, how I evolve

They want to know a lot of each other, but they fail to realize how much I learn from them in the process, and what this will mean to me, to my essence. There are some among the Simic who clearly are eager to see what my evolutionary path will be like. I silently answer them to be careful: they might find exactly what they're digging for.

When I return home, lost in thoughts and still as aware of the hopelessly urbanized surroundings as a shambleshark senser, the sky is getting light already, and a fish-based breakfast is easy to catch. The next few hours of dreamy trance become more real than the nightmarish so-called reality that will follow."


Solanyt, Simic-Dimir agent, Level 3
Wood Elf Cleric (Simic, swapped-in Dimir channel); Medium, Speed 35 ft; Low-light vision
HP: 21; AC: 15
STR 10 (+0)
DEX 17 (+3)
CON 12 (+1)

INT 11 (+0)
WIS 16 (+3)
CHA 8 (-1)

Bluff, Climb, Recall Lore (Forbidden Lore), Sense Motive, Sneak, Swim, Tumble
Trait: Contact (Spy)

Guidance, Thaumaturgy
Level 1 Spells: Cure Wounds, Inflict Wounds, Bless, Feather Fall* (Domain)
Level 2 Spells: Spiritual Weapon, Speak With Animals, Elemntal Mantle* (Domain)
Channel Divinity: Cipher, Evolve, Warrior's Gale

Level 1: Hide in Shadows
Level 3: Ambush

Krasis Leather (Dragon Leather)
Arrows x30
Caltrops x10
Ball bearings
Grappling hook
Adventurer's Kit