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Sunday, November 25, 2012

[News] Journal started!

Just a heads up for the blog feed, I started a Journal page (link in the red bar at the top) where I will update you on my current thoughts and objectives regarding the blog, and maybe not only that!

Since being a separate page it basically counts as a single post, you'll find new content by scrolling down, contrary to what happens in the regular blog section. Also, since the new content will basically just be an edit of the page, and since the page doesn't figure in the main feed, you might miss things if I don't always post here about the Journal updates; and it's something I won't do, so if you're interested and want to stay tuned, I will post from Twitter links to the updated page using the hashtag #lordarchaonjournal ... I know, it's long, but LA could also mean Los Angeles, so it must stay long! XD